the multi-camo outerwear

One premium, high performance outfit that comes with Realtree EDGE™
but that can be quickly "skinned" in the field to waterfowl, blaze or snow!

"Just change the skin for the season you're in!"

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QuickSwitch camo changeover system

Base jacket

The heart of the entire VERSAskins concept is the ability to buy one outfit and change the camo as needed. Thanks to VERSAskins' patented QuickSwitch system, changing camo patterns takes less than two minutes and is accomplished with an efficient series of zippers and snaps. QuickSwitch allows you to change camos on the fly in the field.

Snow skin

Why VERSAskins?

You never know if the ducks might move through while you are on a bowhunt. Or if it might snow while you are goose hunting. Perhaps you want to bowhunt the evening before the opening of firearm season.

In all of these scenarios, you would either need to pack for at least a couple different hunting situations or risk being forced to make do with the wrong camo.

Now there is a solution to the camo conundrum. It's called VERSAskins.

VERSAskins is multi-camo outerwear. Yes, one premium, high performance hunting outfit (jacket and/or pant) that comes standard in Realtree EDGE but can also be quickly "skinned" in any of three alternative camouflage patterns, Realtree MAX5 for waterfowling, AP Blaze for firearm season and AP Snow for late season hunting in the snow.

Thanks to VERSAskins' patented QuickSwitch system, a clever series of zippers and snaps designed for efficient re-skinning, you can literally change out camo patterns in less than two minutes even while in the field! Just change the skin for the season you're in!

This means no more needing to pack a truck full of different camo outfits or having to buy full outfits for every type of hunting you do. With VERSAskins, all you need to bring along are the alternative skins, each of which comes in a handy stuffsack the size of a small pillow case.


Doug Roberts - Alaskan Bear
Doug Roberts - Texas Whitetail

VERSAskins is made to perform in the field

All-In design - we know that if you are going to buy a single multi-use outfit that you want it to have all of the key performance features. We know because that's what we want. These include:

  • VERSA-Quiet polyblend fabric - the outer fabric on all VERSAskins products is a double-brushed Tricot polyester that offers virtually unmatched quietness in the field.
  • VERSA-Dry Waterproof Technology - to stay warm you must stay dry. Getting wet while hunting is just not an option. That's why VERSAskins is designed to keep you dry four ways:
    1. The base jacket and pant feature a premium membrane selected for both waterproofness and breathability.
    2. Both the base outfit and the skins are coated with a premium waterproofing to keep moisture out and reduce fabric soaking.
    3. All seams are fully sealed.
    4. Waterproof zippers are used at primary locations on the base jacket and pant.
  • VERSA-Warm Insulation - 120 gram premium insulation, which is just the right amount for typical early season hunts yet also sufficient, with proper base layers, for colder later season sits.
  • Killer Componentry - there is nothing worse than a good garment with bad zippers or snaps. VERSAskins uses only premium waterproof and windproof YKK zippers and top-of-the-line snaps for attaching the skins and general use.
  • Additionally, you'll find features like double-hemmed pocket access slots in the skins for getting to the pockets in your primary outfit, an adjustable hood, pull-cord waist and wind cuffs to preclude drafts, and handy boot welts.

With VERSAskins you'll always have the right camo, and you'll always be able to wear your favorite outfit. We guarantee it!

The VERSAskins "One Outfit Is Better" Guarantee

Buy a VERSAskins Multi-Camo outerwear system and, after hunting in it for 30 days you don't find it superior to the old way of multiple outfits, we'll buy it back, no questions asked.